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Happiness is….the new seed catalogue!

I am sans camera this week – or more precisely sans the sd card for the camera.  So picture this… I have the new 2014 Kings Seed catalogue in front of me.  Ooooh the excitement!   Kings Seeds are celebrating 125 years in the business. Consequently the new catalogue has a montage of pictures that makes you want to don worn tweeds and a fair isle pullover and rush out and do some Dig for Victory sort of activities…. well it does me.

So here I am, curbing my vintage re-enactment tendencies, trying to sort out an order.  Looking at the pile of seed packets strewn around me there isn’t much I need.  I could supply one of the big 4 supermarkets if I sowed all the carrot seed in my possession.  I have enough courgette to last a lifetime.   I have those ‘I’ll give this a try’ packets that I never get round to giving it a try (Scorzonera springs to mind).  The only obvious gap is Aquadulce Broad Bean.  So I think next year’s sowing will be a clear the deck.   The order should be a short one, it really, really should.

Of course I’ll just have a quick flick through the catalogue… you never know…..