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dined on …. slices of quince

DSC_0320Well, the owl and the pussycat would have had slim pickings here – it’s not  a bumper quince harvest.    The fruit in the bowl is from the cultivar ‘Vranja’.  The tree is young even so it does need to be double staked this coming winter as it is top heavy and the leader snapped earlier this year.  Some TLC is in order.

DSC_0322However the ‘Vranja’ is doing much better than the adjacent unnamed quince bush.

DSC_0323It is a miserable specimen, badly affected by quince leaf blight.  I shall remove the bush, burn it, remove all fallen leaves and replace with a new specimen.  Though what cultivar?  I saw a pretty looking specimen of ‘Meeches Prolific’ at Wightwick Manor – lovely pear shaped fruit and no sign of blight on the leaves.

DSC_0037Though our harvest is small I shall make some quince cheese, dulce de membrillo, River Cottage has a simple recipe here;

quince cheeseI might even track down some intricate entree dishes to do justice to a small but delicious crop!

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Perfect for any visiting owls or pussycats…