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Shed central

I have come to the conclusion that I need a HQ for planning the escape tunnel. This is not procrastination, no, no – but a vital element of the strategy.

shapeimage_6Of course what I would dearly love to have is one of those oh so charming shepherd’s huts, but getting a £15k spend on what is basically a shed on wheels past the other half isn’t going to happen.  Still, it gives one something to aim for – stylistically speaking. So step forward the new retreat nestling in the leafy confines of the old orchard.

outershedThe shepherd hut elements are all there.  The corrugated iron roof, wood slat  sides, window (or hole for window).  Yes the shed is a bit wonky, a bit leaky and probably plays host to a large proportion of the local rodent population – but a bit innershedof tlc and styling in the latest vintage, shabby chicness and voila! – it could be a contender for shed of the year 2014.    Provided there aren’t any strong winds this winter of course.

Now all I need to sort out is the best Farrow and Ball colour.

Reading this week: Garden People – Valerie Finnis & the Golden Age of Gardening by Ursula Buchan