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fungi flourish…

mushroom1Here on the holding we get the occasional puff ball and shaggy ink caps.  The OH is always far braver than I when it comes to eating fungi gathered from the wild.  However when I came across this little kit languishing on the sale shelf in a £1 shop I thought I would have a go at growing some mushrooms.

The try it at home version consists of shredded cardboard, compost with mushroom spawn and a container.   I set up the kit, popped it back into the sleeve and placed it in the corner of the living room, (the warmest place in the house).    Once the white threads of the mycelium appeared I put the kit into a dark cupboard in the cooler utility room.


I have 2 little mushrooms so far.  I tried one; it had a good, intense flavour – button mushrooms from the supermarket always seem to be a bit subdued.  Hopefully the little kit will produce a more substantial fungi flush.


Emboldened by my success I think I shall buy some spawn of the oyster mushroom.  Apparently this grows well on a straw medium and we have plenty of mini bales!