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half hearted about the hybrid berries…

Pruning continues – pat on the back all round.  I tackled the hybrid berries the other day.  As we’ve only got 2, (a tayberry and a loganberry), it didn’t take any time at all.  Both are young plants and in truth we haven’t had any fruit from them yet.  We had a hybrid berry in a previous home and even then I wasn’t wowed by the fruit – I must have had a weak moment or the perhaps the canes were on sale.

Both are crosses between the blackberry and raspberry; what the exact difference is I don’t know.  Though our loganberry is more vigorous than the tayberry having 4 canes!

Pruning is straight forward.  Hybrid berries fruit on last season’s wood.  Any canes that have fruited are cut to the ground, last year’s canes (floricane) fruit this season and new shoots (primocane) produced this year will bear fruit next year – so the idea is to have 2 years of canes on the go.   The RHS pruning and training book has some lovely pictures on various training methods for hybrid berries which separate out the  new canes from last year’s. As we have so few  I’ll give this a miss.

I have, however, trained the canes horizontally on the wires.  Apparently more laterals are produced from horizontally trained canes and as hybrids fruit on laterals it makes sense to sort this out now.

IMG_20160111_152437750 IMG_20160111_152453965