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life with lemons…..

We have 2 lemon trees.  At the moment they are in the polytunnel near the door.  The scent of the flowers is delicious and I get a concentrated hit of perfume first thing in the morning when I open up the tunnel.


Citrus are not hardy and need protection in a bright, cool, frost free place over winter.  The plant is self fertile and pollen can be transferred by misting, but we have a ritual; whoever opens up the tunnel does a quick once over, with a small paint brush, transferring pollen from one flower onto the stigma of another.


The fruit take take up to a year to ripen so it’s possible to have them on the tree at the same time as the waxy, white flowers.


At the moment I’m freezing whole the ripe lemons.  Once defrosted they’ll be okay to use for juice but probably not zest as the skins will soften – which is fine because these fruit were on the trees when we bought them and would have been sprayed so avoiding the zest is no bad thing.  No slices in a G&T!

Hopefully we will produce some of our own lemons from the pollinated flowers which I intend to turn into Hamad m’rakhad, (preserved lemons).

… until then I’ll make do with the lemon sky this evening.