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a little extra hop…

Well I’m thinking about it… a bit of a hop garden.

I had a great time, recently, visiting my nieces A&J down towards the old smoke and we were lucky enough to catch a few days of the sunshine.  Having yomped round my old stamping grounds we headed to a niche craft beer shop, (a recent arrival on the London Road), for some take out ales.

Given the sunny weather we plumped for pale ales – I’m partial to IPA, J leans towards the APA style.

palealeThe little shop was stuffed full of ales from small breweries – both Pressure Drop and The Kernel are recent arrivals on the scene.   I like the way the hop varieties appear on the labels – just like grape varieties on wine labels!

The main areas for hop growing appear to be:  the US; Europe (UK; Germany; Czechoslovakia mainly); Australia and New Zealand.  Hopunion has a handy site that describes the characteristics of each hop variety and there are a number of nurseries in the UK where you can obtain the rhizomes.  So, a few poles and wires for support and off we go.

Though I expect I need to do some more in-depth research on the ales to narrow down the right hops….