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The nearby town was frantic with shoppers.   It is much calmer here on the holding where we have been gathering up ingredients for tomorrow’s Sunday dinner.

DSC_0592 Sweet shallots and cox style apples from our stores; thyme from a ragged bush in a terracotta pot near the piggery; the cider – bought, as we have finished all of the lovely OH’s homebrew; the plump pheasant also bought, and the reason for the venture into the melee.

Potatoes, again from stores:


and some wilted stems of swiss chard from the vegetable garden.


The recipe is this one from Delia.

Let’s get serious….

Well, not that serious really.  Though I have decided to knuckle down and sort out a vegetable and flower planting schedule.  Ta da!

Apparently there are apps out there, only they need an ipad, iphone or isomething and I haven’t got an ithing.   I do, however, have a dodgy PC which has to be plugged into the router with an ethernet cable  which is lashed in silver tape.  It works …. until it gets a bit hot … and then it doesn’t.  Which is when  a lot of x?!!..@tives emerge.   I did play some of the demos of the apps but got bored and wandered off to make a cup of tea.

Mug of tea in hand, I’ve had a quick rummage on the internet….very quick.  A google search of ‘RHS Veg’ brought up the planner, (see here:  I’ve decided on a sowing rate of veg plot half row plus 30% for failures every week during the sowing span on the planner, (very scientific), from which I shall build in an email triggered alert in gmail to REMIND ME to do the sowing.  According to the veg planner first up will be  broad bean; french bean; cauliflower; leek; onion and tomatoes. I shall add chilli to the list.    As I am determined to use up the mountains of seed packets I have, the varieties will be whatever is in the cardboard box in the utility room.

Better go and haul out the propagator.

We missed the snowfall but have a heavy ground frost.  The ruby chard lives up to its name: