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grape expectations….

Oh, I was so excited to see tiny flower heads on the grape vines.

As I’m not very familiar with growing grapes, and thinking I might have to thin the flowers somewhat, I consulted the RHS and discovered that I have to remove ALL the flowers as the vines are young.   No grapes this year.

Ah well, plenty of other good things coming through.  The broad beans are flowering in the polytunnel…

and the first spears of asparagus have appeared, so I shall console myself with a soft boiled egg and asparagus soldiers tomorrow.

The lovely OH is hard at work handweeding the main vegetable growing area  and we even managed to squeeze in harvesting some young nettles for soup before the leaves become too tough…

The recipe was one from River Cottage.

Reading this week:  Kew on a Plate by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew & Raymond Blanc

happy birthday sweet…

fifty eight!

ohbreakfastBirthday breakfast for the lovely OH.  First asparagus picked this season.


keeping it simple supper

peasI’ve started to pick the peas in the polytunnel.  Some of them even made it to the colander.

peas&asparagus…and some of them even made it into a supper

peapastaof pasta along with tips of asparagus, a drizzle of olive oil and a grating of parmesan.  Ready in less than 10 minutes.   Had I wanted to be a little fancier I could have added chopped shallot or some pancetta.

Or the wilted leaves of the ramsons that now carpet the woods.


Reading this week: Smoke gets in your eyes by Caitlin Doughty




there is a season……

We have just eaten the first picking of the asparagus.


This is the best thing about GYO (growing your own).  There’s always THAT moment to look forward to, a moment to savour.  Then it’s gone, until next year.  And that makes the moment all the finer; the brevity.  Pick the best in the season, appreciate it and then look to the next – the first strawberry or the first new potatoes lifted from the earth.

We shall have more picking of asparagus over the next 6-8 weeks until June and then the plants will be left to go to leaf to build up the crown before being cut away in winter.

To appreciate the first of the season – keep it simple.  A few minutes of steam, a light sprinkle from the salt and pepper grinders and a classic pairing with a softly poached egg.

C’est tout.