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hashtag apricot blossom…

I’m trying to get to grips with apps.  I’d like to be able to take a photo and post to Instagram.  I love the spontaneity of that. I sometimes type in a hashtag to see the reams of photos on a subject – like apricot blossom.  I feel a connection with all those snappers in all those far flung places.

I haven’t figured out how to post to instagram without a fancy phone but here is my hashtag apricot blossom; peach blossom and almond blossom…

I better get out the little paint brush and do some cross pollinating.

Gardeners World is back on the beeb; what a lovely interview with Beth Chatto, (#heroine).

oh you pretty things…

In the orchards the plum and damson blossom scattered away, superceded by the pear blossom of the trees near the piggery.   Now is the turn of the cherries and apples to flower.

DSC_0486DSC_0487Whilst there is good evidence that hand thinning of blossom improves the quality of the apple crop, I can’t bear to do this, so I reduce down the small fruits after the June drop.  I would much rather have an orchard full of blossom!

On the subject of lovely things, I bought this pretty auricula for £1.50 at a local plant sale which had been organised to support the continuation of our village library.auriculaThe local villagers made donations of plants and gardening books; we gave our spare chilli and tomato plants.   The sale made a tidy sum for the library fund.

I’m a great fan of going to local plant sales, I think you can find far more interesting specimens than the stuff stocked at the large chain garden centres.  Failing that, I like to check out the smaller, independent plant nurseries.  Invariably, they are run by passionate horticulturalists.

Back to auriculas.  Calke Abbey (NT) has a terrific theatre; I’ve visited the Abbey but never at a time to see these primulas, I must make a diary note for next year.

Photo credit: National Trust

Photo credit: National Trust

Now, I must find a terracotta pot for my specimen.   Could lead to an obsession!

easy pickings…..


We have started to pick the first crops – lovely crunchy red radishes, (Cherry Belle), from the polytunnel and forced pink rhubarb, destined for a rhubarb and ginger crumble pudding tonight.  Baby salad leaves will be ready to harvest from the tunnel next week.  We have planted up two tubs of first early, waxy salad potatoes in the tunnel to add to the swell of produce.


Also, under cover, pea sticks have been pushed into place and extra seed sown in the gaps. The protected broad beans look green and lush –  hopefully the growth will be able to support a bumper crop.


Outside, we have weeded through the alliums, (garlic; onions and shallots), and planted the last of the sets for this year.  Tomorrow, weather permitting, we will dig the first trenches and set the bean poles.

In the orchard the almond blossom has started to break…..