sauce for the goose….

It’s time to break out the jam pan!

I have been online flicking through some wonderful blogs on preserving; peach and chilli combos seem to be all the rage.  Whilst we have a mass of chillies, here in the UK our peach tree produces a modest crop, so we eat them fresh.

However, we do have a bumper crop of soft currant fruit, (red,white and black), so we set to and picked the fruit from 2 of our redcurrant bushes with the aim of making jelly.

DSC_0004In truth, we didn’t need to strip out the stalks, but as the currants were on the cusp of going over we picked out the fruit and so removed the stalks at the same time.  The recipe was from Pam Corbin’s  River Cottage Preserves book, (No. 2 in the series).  Following stewing, we strained the juice overnight through scalded muslin.

DSC_0010The next day the juice was brought to boiling point and the sugar added.  I prefer to check the setting point by using the wrinkle test rather than a jam thermometer.  Once the set point was reached I ladled the hot liquid into sterilised 225g jars.

The jelly is a gorgeous garnet colour.

DSC_0011A perfect addition to a homemade Christmas hamper!



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