long live the ‘oignon’…

Oh dear, there seems to be a bit of a kerfuffle across the channel concerning some changes to spelling.  Too late for me I’m afraid. It took a great deal of effort to learn French the first time around so now I am immune to the changes – OIGNON it is.

However on the subject of longevity – here is where I am open to change.  Storage of our onions has never been as successful as the shallots.   We still have good solid strings of shallots in the lean to –

DSC_0009and not an onion in sight.

In my experience the red and white onions don’t store as well as the brown. Even so we do take quite a hit with spoiled brown onions,  so I’m always on the look out for an onion with superb flavour AND good storage capability.  This year, at the local Potato Day, I picked up a bag of ‘Jagro’ and ‘Jet Set’ onion sets alongside the potato tubers.  I can’t find a huge amount of information about ‘Jagro’ – though at the event it was described has having ‘excellent flavour and good storing’.  ‘Jet Set’ is a recent introduction and seems to have favourable reviews – some comments even describe it as ‘outstanding’.  We shall see.

For the first time I have sown the sets in modules rather than directly in the soil.

DSC_0008The idea is to give the onions a head start in growth rather than having the sets rattle around in the potting shed or risk planting out into saturated soil.  I use multi-purpose compost and push the set down by a third into the compost.  I’ll plant them out in about a month’s time.

The lovely OH has also been hard at work – amongst other things he kindly cleaned and sharpened all the tools:

DSC_0003DSC_0001The tools are now looking GORGEOUS!



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