berry nice….

DSC_0527I’m waiting on the return of the lovely OH to help me move the grapevine to its new home.  The weather alternates between heavy rain, (hello Clodagh), and unseasonably warm weather.  Every year I have grandiose plans to decorate the house with seasonal berries and greenery.  The plans remain just that, but then the birds need the berries more than our mantelpieces.

DSC_0524However I do have an abundance of redcurrants.  These we picked back in August and much of the crop was frozen.   As we are thinking along the lines of having goose as the centrepiece of this year’s Christmas feast, I took the opportunity to try out a recipe for redcurrant sauce.

DSC_0533I picked over 450g of redcurrants, removing any remaining stalks, (this is quite easy to do when the fruit is frozen).  For every 100g of fruit I added 50g of light brown sugar and one tablespoon of red wine vinegar.  All the ingredients were added to a heavy bottom saucepan and heated to dissolve the sugar.

DSC_0535The mix was then brought to the boil and simmered for 20 minutes.

DSC_0538Old habits die hard, so I still did a wrinkle test to ensure a soft set.

450g of currants made a jar and a bit.  I tried out the end result on the OH when he returned.  We both like the tartness of the sauce, it will go very well with goose, but we don’t like the pips!

DSC_0551So onto a recipe for redcurrant jelly.





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