playing gooseberry….


We have a kiwi fruit and I’m hoping it is Actinidia deliciosa, rather than say,  A. chinensis. I planted it a couple of years ago and it has flowered for the first time this month.   Furthermore, I’m hoping it is a cultivar called ‘Jenny’, but truth is I can’t remember.  Jenny is a self fertile cultivar with pollination by bees.

The fruit might sound exotic, the plant might be classed, (by the RHS), as frost hardy in balmy UK, but  in our veg plot it has started to gain ground, or more accurately, trained wire.

The quandary re. cultivar arises because we only have one plant so it matters whether the plant is male, female or (please, please), self fertile.  If the plant is not self pollinating we won’t get fruit.    From my photo it look like we have female flowers – but at the moment I cannot see any male equivalent.

So I’m waiting ….. and hoping …. and wishing…..





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