mix it up!

I used to be a bit sniffy about mixed variety seed packets.    I don’t know why.  Perhaps it was because I didn’t know which varieties were included in the mix and I didn’t want to plant any old rubbish that wasn’t top notch on flavour.



I now LOVE rainbow mix packets.  They are really useful, especially in small areas where there isn’t enough space to sown several rows, i.e. the polytunnel.  Plus the pictures on the seed packets look just like smarties and who doesn’t love smarties?  My extensive seed stash includes rainbow mixes of beetroot, radish, chard, bell peppers, and some foils of themed salads (Italian, Californian, Oriental etc.).   Most seed companies produce mixed packets or ‘collections’, (the latter usually have the varieties separated), and I suspect quite a lot of thought goes into the selection.  In fact the more you look at the seed companies’ offering the more you find, for example Suttons has mixes of runner bean, cauliflower, and kale.  Jungle Seeds has a really interesting range; I fancy the ‘beans for drying’ special mix.

On the holding it is still too cold and wet to direct sow outside.  Inside the polytunnel the suspended guttering is multiplying.  I can’t wait to see it full of veg.




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