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What’s for dinner?


Sometime ago I attended a talk where a hardened veg grower expounded the thought that any idiot could grow enough to feed a family during the summer/autumn seasons but the real test was whether said idiot could do the same during the hungry months – January to May.  Not only is it too cold for most crops to actually grow outside then, but also harvested supplies of the staples, which if you are organised and have planted the previous summer, are starting to dwindle having reached the end of their shelf lives; (rubbery potatoes? I’ve eaten a few of those in my time).

We have had some good success with clamps  – the beetroot stored really well and we finished them off some 18 months later. The polytunnel will help extend the growing season.  Planning, (my downfall), aka actually planting winter crops, would also help – enormously.  Plenty of scope for improvement.

So whilst I ponder on the fast approaching dearth of produce, I will gather some autumn veg. and rustle up this feast.  The recipe is by Niamh Shields.



red letter day…..

Ron the fence has arrived on site.    Soon the field will have stock proof fencing, which is very, very exciting.  This will separate around 2 acres of grazing from the orchard, shelter belt planting and polytunnel area.  Next year we can bung on some 4 legged mowers in the form of a flying flock and keep the grass down.  No more haggling to get the field cut and baled – hurrah!

It is a bit rainy at the moment so what we actually have is a big pile of posts and a digger.  Ron has sensibly gone off to do something else….somewhere else…..

still – a big pile of posts and a digger!


Red letter day for sure.

Reading this week:  Memory Maps by Lisa St Aubin de Teran