Mission impossible?

If I only had a pound for every client that comes in and says – I want to hide the new house/extension/shed/garage that my neighbours are building next door – what 2.5m+ evergreens have you got?

I so wish they wouldn’t. Massed evergreens can be so static and depending on the size of garden and/or orientation completely dominate the space and make a garden feel oppressive.  I try to steer towards prettier solutions – please, please consider deciduous trees birchinstead I say – for smaller gardens, a multi-stem himalayan birch,  an adorable Cercidiphyllum, how about a small sorbus such as vilmorinii or cashmirianaAcer ‘Brilliantissimum’ perhaps?  Or Parrotia persica. For larger gardens, my favourite tree of the moment, Quercus coccinea ‘Splendens’ or a gorgeous Liquidambar – Worplesdon perhaps, or Lane Roberts.   The tree will break-up the mass of a new building/extension and shield a garden perfectly well.

QuercCoccineaAnd trust me – bare root trees are much, much cheaper than equivalent sized evergreens.

But, no – what they want is a big, fat toparised ball of Photinia.


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